Cash Noire Online Slot Rating and Review

Cash Noire is a unique slot machine game that has a total of 1,024 paylines that are always active, a 5-reel layout, a maximum payoff of 1,000,000 credits, and images that seem if they were lifted directly from a Raymond Chandler book. This NetEnt online slot has the feel of a noir movie, and the music is suitably dark and odd, with narration coming from a character who is a detective. This is a suitable complement to the game’s theme. This slots machine that can be played with real money offers a minimum wager of 0.20 credits and a maximum stake of 200 credits.

The game has several suspicious-looking persons as symbols, along with a variety of weaponry, and a safe serves as the mystery symbol. The music and narrative give complexity to the game. To the left of the main spin button is another button labeled “autoplay.” This button allows you to choose an arbitrary number of automated spins, ranging from ten to one thousand (or you can hit the square button during autoplay to resume normal play). In addition to the primary spin button, there is also a button labeled Turbo Spin located to the right of the main spin button.

Cash Noire’s Gameplay on the Online Slot Machine

The Cash Noire online slot machine is a unique addition to the real money games offered by NetEnt. There are a few different reasons for this. The first thing that players are going to notice right away is that this game has a “crime zone” that consists of at least three adjacent squares that are lighted up in red. Each spin causes the zone to travel to a new location on the board, and the three blocks may be arranged in either a straight line or a “L” form.

When you are on a winning run, the crime zone will grow to include four or five squares instead of just one. This adds even another exciting dynamic to the game. You may increase your chances of entering the Free Spins bonus round by using the Avalanche function, which will be discussed in more detail in a later section.

You may reach another screen with the I button at the top (that describes the paytable and the game’s features), a setting button in the center, and a game rules button at the bottom by clicking on the button with three bars in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Aside from the captivating storyline, the most compelling aspect of this game is perhaps its 1,024 fixed paylines, which provide prizes when three or more identical symbols appear on them. It is sufficient for these identical symbols to appear on at least three lines in a row, beginning on the left; the lines do not need to be next to one another for you to be a winner.

Features and Free Spins Can Be Found in the Online Slot Game Cash Noir

When you receive a winning spin, the winning symbols evaporate, and you get a respin in which new symbols drop down to replace those that disappeared. The Avalanche feature is a duplicate of a feature that can be found in various different games. This continues to happen until you get a spin that goes against you.

Find the answer by following the “clues” that are arranged in a zigzag manner to the left of the reels. When you have three consecutive successful spins, you will get a +1, which indicates that the “crime zone” has expanded from three squares to four squares. It might reach five with a couple of further victories. If the ball falls inside the area indicated by the red outline, the crime zone’s only effect is to transform the mystery symbol, which is shown as a safe, into any matching symbol. However, if you have a losing spin, you are sent back to the beginning of the clues, which is possibly the most aggravating feature of this game.

Because there are a total of 13 clues that need to be unlocked before you can access the free spins round, our previous playthroughs have shown us that it is quite challenging to make it to this point in the game. There are certainly a lot of winning spins in the middle portion of the game, but in order to get anything close to the really life-changing jackpots, you really need to get to the section where you earn free spins.

Variance, maximum bet, and return to player rates in Cash Noire

The return to player percentage (RTP) of the Cash Noire online slot machine is 96.06 percent, which is relatively standard for gamers who have experience on the most reputable online slot sites. This online slot machine from NetEnt has a low level of volatility and a maximum wager of 200 credits. The highest jackpot is 5,000 times the stake, which is equal to one million credits.

Conclusions and Other Online Slots That Are Like Cash Noire

This topic is so unique that there are very few games that can be used as a point of comparison; nonetheless, the Gods of Gold Infinireels online slot game from NetEnt has a return to player percentage of 96.21 percent and a maximum jackpot that can likewise reach 1,000,000 credits.

Cash Noire is sure to be a hit among players that take pleasure in online slot machines as well as traditional film noir stories or thrillers. It is a ton of fun to play, and there are regular victories, even if they are not often particularly large. But even if you are an experienced slot player, be sure to study the paytable, the features and the rules or you might get lost in the big city.